Thursday, 1 March 2018

Arrival in Beautiful Africa

The super six arrived tired and excited in Nairobi at 1:30 Monday. What a beautiful sight it was to see Lois smiling and waving at the arrivals door! 

Applying the handbrakes to our luggage carts, we rolled down to the pickup zone, our precariously balanced bags threatening to take off before we made it to the big red bus Lois had commissioned to haul us and our tired bodies to Kijiji House at African International University. And what a relief it was to be greeted by Faraj’s beautiful smile. He didn’t bat an eye when he saw the mountain of bags to be piled into the bus. Our three newbies, Carey, Gabi, and Marg, could see right away why we had spoken so highly of him.

Then it was off to AIU where we were welcomed with smiles and hugs from Mama Bear (her real name is Magdalene but she wouldn’t likely recognize it if she heard it). Lois had arranged a delicious welcome tea which we enjoyed out on the lawn, then gave us time to settle in for a few minutes before dinner where we introduced the cubs to Stoney Tangawizi - best soda ever. By this time, everyone was struggling to stay awake, so party girls that we are, it was lights out by eight.

Our first full day was busy but not overwhelming. We visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where Holly was able to see her adopted giraffe ( he thinks he’s an elephant), Kiko.

Then we took care of banking before heading out to the giraffe park where Jeannine left her heart the last time we visited. Two days away from their significant others and we have photo evidence of some people’s wandering ways - giraffe lips are soft but their kisses are slobbery!

Back at Kijij House for dinner, we enjoyed a reunion with Annastacia Wanjiru and Flora Ndunge who filled us in on the situation at Compass School, our first and dearest project in Kenya. After several years of upheaval, we have hope that the school might have some stability and growth. Tomorrow, we will visit the students and teachers and will meet the four goats our supporters gave to the school - photo op and naming day!

Our day ended with a sorting party - check out the photos to see how generous you have all been.

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